Therapist discovers the path to living an amazing life—and now he shares it with you!

This End­less Moment is a sim­ple, direct, and clear secret for unlock­ing your full potential.

Dear Friend,

I’m Wayne C. Allen. I started work­ing with clients in my coun­selling prac­tice in 1982. They’ve been sad, hurt­ing, on the verge of a rela­tion­ship break-up. It is my “voca­tion” to help them get their lives back.

I want to share what I teach them with you!

I’ve come up with a way for you to have a rich, full and mean­ing­ful life. I will show you how to have the deep and inti­mate rela­tion­ship you have dreamed of.

In my book,This End­less Moment, you will discover

~ ways to enter the peace and con­tent­ment of “pedal to the metal” living

~ tools for deep­en­ing your rela­tion­ships, hav­ing great sex­ual expe­ri­ences, and

~ how to live with pas­sion, curios­ity and excitement!

To begin with, there are two things you need to know.

    • First and fore­most, no mat­ter how dif­fi­cult your life has been up until now, you can turn things around! None of us grow up know­ing how to
      find depth and mean­ing in our lives, our rela­tion­ships, our careers. In fact, just the oppo­site is true.

Know­ing how to have a strong, clear, meaning-packed life is not auto­matic – but it can be learned!

    • Sec­ond, what you need to learn is: how to live your life with deep rich­ness and full pas­sion – truly another way of being.

You will dis­cover another, pos­i­tive, self-caring and self-affirming way of liv­ing your life…guaranteed!

I’m sure you’re curi­ous, so I’ll tell you more. But first, be excited!! You are tak­ing your first step on the authen­tic path to self-awareness and deep relationship!

Here are a few things I’m “guess­ing” about you:

    • You are intelligent.
    • You have a career that you value, and are sens­ing some “burnout.”
    • If you are in rela­tion­ship, you are not happy. You feel unful­filled, scat­tered, confused.
    • Grow­ing up, you were told that if you had a career, and a fam­ily, and fol­lowed the rules, you would be suc­cess­ful, con­tent, and happy.

How­ever… you do not feel suc­cess­ful. You feel deep disappointment.

  • You were told that doing what every­one else was doing would lead to a con­tented life.

How­ever… you do not feel con­tented. You feel bored, unful­filled and con­fused. You might even think that you have been betrayed.

You’ve done all the right things, and have got­ten all the “wrong things” in return.

You are not alone! My clients are tired of the same old rela­tion­ships, the same sit­u­a­tions crop­ping up again and again. You know the feel­ing: stuck in the mid­dle, not sure what to do next. Well, you are about to learn about the only way to shift from where you are to where you want to be!

If you are will­ing to com­mit to liv­ing the life you have dreamed of, hav­ing mean­ing­ful and deep rela­tion­ships, and mak­ing a real dif­fer­ence in the world, you need This End­less Moment, which is filled with cut­ting edge approaches to liv­ing a ful­filled, enlight­ened and pas­sion­ate life!

I wrote This End­less Moment because I have seen my clients blos­som! In fact, the book was their idea!

They wrote, they called, they stopped me on the street — to tell me about how their lives had changed. They urged me to write down what I’d taught them.

In fact, they demanded it!

This End­less Moment is help­ing my read­ers to cre­ate new, excit­ing ways to live life and to make respon­si­ble deci­sions – (con­tin­ued below!)


Wayne Allen has taken impor­tant com­plex con­cepts and has expressed them in an acces­si­ble and prac­ti­cal way. His very per­sonal approach is remark­able. This is an excel­lent, read­able book. We’re impressed!

~ Ben­net Wong & Jock McK­een
Co-founders,  The Haven Institute

Author and psy­chother­a­pist Wayne Allen spent nearly two years writ­ing This End­less Moment. The pur­pose of this book is to help peo­ple change their lives for the bet­ter. This Zen-ish style book is well-written and is filled with many sig­nif­i­cant insights that will give you a more clear pic­ture of who you are and how to get what you want from life.

The tone is casual, sprin­kled with humour, and full of lessons you’ll wish you knew long ago.

I’ve learned from it, and any­time a book teaches you at least one worth­while thing you didn’t know, it is well worth the price. You’ll get your money’s worth.

~ Den­nis “Boo­gie Jack” Gaskill

A pro­foundly sim­ple approach to life that even the most skep­ti­cal types would have trou­ble argu­ing. I enjoyed the matter-of-fact writ­ing style, short chap­ters and ‘thought for the day’ anecdotes.

I was never bored with the con­tent, thanks to your quirky sense of humour and your abil­ity to always bring the reader back to the point of self-responsibility and ‘own­ing it’.

This book is great read for those who want to begin a new path but don’t have a clue how to begin, and equally great for those who believe they actu­ally “know it all.”
A bit of hand-holding was a nice touch with the guide at the end to give the reader one less excuse to avoid mak­ing changes.

~ Katharine Phillips

I have fin­ished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I loved how it was so straight to the point — called it with­out creep­ing around — and so was able to cover an incred­i­ble amount in a short space. It really felt as if you were talk­ing to me — and accept­ing no excuses, but with humour and com­pas­sion!
I  par­tic­u­larly liked the sec­tion on romance, love and com­pas­sion, which put things in a way that I’d not seen before and made SO much sense! I found the whole book refresh­ing after the psycho-babble and  repet­i­tive stuff I’ve read before.

It was also very thought — or rather action — pro­vok­ing and was exactly the right thing for me right now. Thank you so much for writ­ing it.

~ M. Reid

I was teary this morn­ing and in just such a crappy place feel­ing sorry for myself about some­thing. I down­loaded your book This End­less Moment and printed it off. By page 4 I was hooked, by page 12 I was chuck­ling and had a smile in my cheeks for the rest of the book–which I read in one sit­ting. Awe­some, awe­some, and SO per­fect for where I am in my decon­struc­tion process. I am a Haven­ite and will cer­tainly take in your course in the future. Thanks for writ­ing such an excel­lent book.

~With warmth, Ellen

I have fin­ished read­ing This End­less Moment. It’s the first round. I def­i­nitely will read it again. I enjoy read­ing your sto­ries and examples.

Your book rein­forces my belief about tak­ing per­sonal respon­si­bil­ity for any­thing that goes around in my life. What­ever has hap­pened won’t change things and each one of us must think and act dif­fer­ently to expect dif­fer­ent results.

I like this ques­tion. “Who are you today?” I’m going to start ask­ing myself each night. Won­der how many roles I play each day.

Prob­a­bly would ask some friends and see their “blank” reactions.

Sex and touch­ing are two sub­jects that we usu­ally don’t express openly in my cul­ture and upbring­ing. But I’m glad that I am able to ask for hugs when I feel like hav­ing one. But I don’t always get one.

To sum it up for now, there’s so much to unlearn and relearn after read­ing your book. It makes me real­ized that I have not been read­ing and learn­ing enough yet.

Thanks a lot, Wayne.

~ Fatimah Musa

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This End­less Moment is avail­able as
◊ a paper­back book ($20.00),
◊ a Kin­dle Book ($2.99)
◊ as a pdf down­load­able e-book ($4.00),
◊ as a dig­i­tal down­load­able AUDIO book ($6.00.)

You can choose your for­mat by click­ing the link, below.

Sam­ple chapter


Avail­able formats:

* Paper­back: 115 pages, Kin­dle Book,
PDF down­load, Down­load­able AUDIO Book,

* Pub­lisher: The Phoenix Cen­tre Press (Novem­ber 1, 2004)
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish
* ISBN: 0968444628

More Infor­ma­tion
Sam­ple Chapter

Pur­chase Options

Paper­back: $20.00, Kin­dle edi­tion $2.99,
PDF down­load $4.00, AUDIO Book $6.00

Pur­chase paper­back from Cre­ate­space
phoenix centre press

Pur­chase paper­back or Kin­dle Ver­sion from
phoenix centre press

Buy the PDF as a zip file down­load.
Pur­chase Item

Order down­load­able dig­i­tal AUDIO Book through Pay­Pal
Pur­chase Item

Recently, I got a card from a for­mer client:

 As I nav­i­gate through life’s adven­tures, occa­sion­ally a flash of what we dis­cussed or I experienced/felt sur­faces and becomes timely (or time­less!) The flash (as well as other insights) pro­vide fur­ther mate­r­ial for deep­en­ing my under­stand­ing of a present cir­cum­stance, rela­tion­ship, para­dox.
These aware­nesses are trea­sures as I become less defen­sive and more curi­ous!
Susan Gal­lagher

This End­less Moment is all about help­ing you to dis­cover the breadth and depth of life that Susan has discovered.

So, I hear you ask­ing, what’s in the book, and why is it so spe­cial?

This End­less Moment is a prac­ti­cal guide to liv­ing the kind of life you imag­ine for yourself.

You will dis­cover:

    • 5 ways to take own­er­ship of your life and decisions
    • why it’s impor­tant to live con­tin­u­ously “in the moment,” as you let go of the past
    • 3 ways to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tively, deeply and intimately
    • how to fig­ure out if it’s lust and love—and why this is vital for a great relationship
    • how to deepen your pas­sion for life … and for your partner
    • tools and tech­niques to relieve ten­sion and distraction
    • how the hap­pi­est peo­ple have found peace and contentment
    • ways to have an excel­lent, mean­ing­ful life
    • how to stop wait­ing and start liv­ing right now
    • how to embrace your unique­ness, and
    • how to be com­fort­able in your own skin

More com­ments and reviews!

…Wayne Allen sent me one of his books to help me through my grieving.

It’s called “This End­less Moment” and con­fronts you with the stark real­ity that you decide what any­thing means in your life.

He says in his Zen-ish book, “Every­thing is a fig­ment of your imag­i­na­tion.” I love the reminder. It puts the respon­si­bil­ity for your well-being where it belongs: Inside.

~ Dr. Joe Vitale

I wanted to tell you that I thought your book was FANTASTIC. I devoured it and thought it was really one of the best things I’ve read in ages. I’d like to get 5 more copies for friends and fam­ily for Christmas.

Con­grat­u­la­tions Wayne — I hope you are pleased. It says sooooo much in a con­cise, easy to read, humor­ous way. I just loved it. It was espe­cially pleas­ing as I’ve heard the mes­sages for years, and can just hear your voice and see your expres­sions. Thanks for giv­ing me and oth­ers such a great gift.

~ Julie Redfern

After read­ing your excerpts on the web­site I could hardly wait to receive it and begin my jour­ney. This is a book I know I will read over again. It is a con­fir­ma­tion of what I have learned in ther­apy over the years and a great reminder. You had a review some­where on the web­site that I read stat­ing ” I heard your voice telling me this when I was with you in coun­selling”, and that has been my expe­ri­ence so far. I hear echoes of my men­tors and ther­a­pist as I read. I want to thank you for writ­ing your book and shar­ing your knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence on your website.

I am a con­stant vis­i­tor of the Phoenix Cen­tre from home and work.

Thanks so much for being there!

~ Mar­i­lyn Beatty

I pur­chased 2 copies of your printed book This End­less Moment before Xmas, and a friend is devour­ing it, as I did, and then passed it on.
My most pre­cious piece, was your sug­ges­tion about begin­ning to mea­sure the progress of my life. Yes, I did that in my busi­ness, but not in other per­sonal growth areas.

Also, thought I would men­tion how my thoughts were tak­ing me down the self pity and anger road, so I came back to your book and your web pages. Amaz­ing how my per­spec­tive changed, and how much bet­ter the rest of world is now! Thanks for say­ing like it is and putting the how to’s at the end of the book.

~ Jean Eyre

Wayne’s writ­ings are a reminder to us that respon­si­ble liv­ing requires patience, effort, ded­i­ca­tion, and care. His use of humour, sto­ries and casu­al­ness through­out the text makes it feel like a con­ver­sa­tion with a wise, gen­tle friend. The lessons might be tough but the rewards are … liv­ing fully.

Pro­found in its simplicity.

~ Debashis Dutta, pro­fes­sor
Human Ser­vices Foun­da­tion Pro­gram
Con­estoga Col­lege, Kitch­ener, Canada

Wayne has man­aged to cap­ture aspects of human and rela­tional dilem­mas in suc­cinct and often humor­ous ways. He is relent­less with his objec­tive that we own our respon­si­bil­ity for our selves rather than wait­ing for the “world” to provide-and blam­ing it when it doesn’t. I know Wayne as a man who lives the talk, except when he doesn’t — great laughs for both of us on such occasions.

This lit­tle book is packed with wisdom.

Of course it only works when prac­ticed, rather than merely the read­ing of it.

~ Glo­ria Tay­lor, psy­chother­a­pist
Kitch­ener, Ontario, Canada

Wayne Allen writes as he speaks and as he lives — with star­tlingly direct and chal­leng­ing wis­dom. He also teaches with great com­pas­sion. When he writes, for instance, quot;Have a breath and get over your­self,” he does so not flip­pantly or dis­mis­sively, but with the deep desire that we learn to live well and wholeheartedly.

This small, pow­er­ful book could change lives.

~ Lucy Reid, chap­lain
Uni­ver­sity of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This End­less Moment is “end­lessly” direct and clear. As I write in the Pref­ace -


Clients come in for ther­apy because some­thing isn’t work­ing (or sev­eral some­things aren’t). Yet, on an entirely dif­fer­ent level (and the point of this book), the real issue is not what isn’t work­ing. The real issue is that they don’t under­stand that solv­ing their issue requires that they behave differently.

There is an inter­nal bat­tle going on in each of us, between the seduc­tive siren song of stay­ing stuck in the “way I’ve always done life” and the orderly dis­ci­pline of doing things in another

Most peo­ple waste their lives doing every­thing they can think of to get oth­ers to do things dif­fer­ently. There is a con­sid­er­able emo­tional invest­ment in this effort. (Let me be clear about which effort we are talk­ing about: the effort of try­ing to get the world to coop­er­ate in mak­ing you happy. Now “the world” can be a boss, or a part­ner, one’s par­ents or kids, friends, or the per­son serv­ing you a dou­ble fat-free latte.)

The first step toward wis­dom is to under­stand that you can’t manip­u­late oth­ers or the world to make you happy.

In a sense, all that I ever “teach” clients (and all I ever remind myself) is this: I am respon­si­ble for me, and I am respon­si­ble for how I choose to approach my life. Noth­ing else is going on. This is such a sim­ple point that it flies directly over the head of 95 per cent of the population.

You will learn the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of liv­ing a full and rich life:

Notice what would hap­pen if we under­stood that the world actu­ally is phe­nom­e­nal, that it is a series of uncon­nected and non-meaningful events. We would have to admit that a thing is a thing is a thing, until we make mean­ing about it. To do this requires a leap in our under­stand­ing. The leap is summed up this way: the mean­ing I make about the essen­tially mean­ing­less is mean­ing­ful only to me. [pg.2]

On rela­tion­ships:

In other words, healthy rela­tion­ships are phys­i­cally expres­sive rela­tion­ships. If I am avoid­ing phys­i­cal con­tact with my part­ner, I am in effect say­ing, “I refuse to make con­tact with you.” The refusal may seem to play out phys­i­cally, but that sim­ply rep­re­sents what’s going on at all the other lev­els — emo­tion­ally, spir­i­tu­ally, and in the couple’s “couple-ness.“[pg. 15]

On life:

I’d like to sug­gest to you that life is meant to be an ongo­ing devel­op­men­tal project. This is a con­cept we accept at work — we “gladly” train and retrain, look­ing for improve­ments, effi­cien­cies, other, newer, “bet­ter” ways to do things. I sus­pect we were meant to be on a sim­i­lar walk in our per­sonal lives, but some­how for­got. [pg. 17]

Other thoughts:

At the end of the day, this is the real­ity of life. We are born and die alone, and the rest of life is a solo job in a crowd. This is either ter­ri­fy­ing or free­ing. I’ll scare myself with it pre­cisely to the degree that I refuse to accept respon­si­bil­ity for my life. I will free myself pre­cisely to the degree that I allow myself the per­sonal sat­is­fac­tion of pad­dling just a lit­tle more effi­ciently and effort­lessly each day. [pg. 47]

And here is the point!

In the end.. you’ll find your­self liv­ing out your life in a con­scious, present, hon­est, and curi­ous way. You’ll take what comes with­out judg­ment and decide what you choose to do next. You will be con­sis­tent and clear. And you will be that most unusual (yet not spe­cial) of all humans– a self-responsible per­son, engaged in liv­ing life to the fullest, while extend­ing an invi­ta­tion to oth­ers to join you in the pad­dle, the dance. [pg. 50]

My goal is to sup­port you on your walk, to help you find peace and sat­is­fac­tion — and most impor­tantly, to help you to have the kind of ful­fill­ing, rich and mean­ing­ful life you want.

Our 133 page book will change your life.


The next move is up to you.

I’ve shown you that pur­chas­ing This End­less Moment is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the let­ter, you’re seri­ously inter­ested in chang­ing your life. All that’s left to do now is take action.

This End­less Moment is avail­able as
◊ a paper­back book ($20.00),
◊ a Kin­dle Book ($2.99)
◊ as a pdf down­load­able e-book ($4.00),
◊ as a dig­i­tal down­load­able AUDIO book ($6.00.)

You can choose your for­mat by click­ing the link, below.

Sam­ple chapter


Avail­able formats:

* Paper­back: 115 pages, Kin­dle Book,
PDF down­load, Down­load­able AUDIO Book,

* Pub­lisher: The Phoenix Cen­tre Press (Novem­ber 1, 2004)
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish
* ISBN: 0968444628

More Infor­ma­tionSam­ple Chapter

Pur­chase Options

Paper­back: $20.00, Kin­dle edi­tion $2.99,
PDF down­load $4.00, AUDIO Book $6.00

Pur­chase paper­back from Cre­ate­space
phoenix centre press

Pur­chase paper­back or Kin­dle Ver­sion from
phoenix centre press

Buy the PDF as a zip file down­load.
Pur­chase Item

Order down­load­able dig­i­tal AUDIO Book through Pay­Pal
Pur­chase Item

I could go on and on with rea­sons to pur­chase This End­less Moment, but here’s the point: You need to prove to your­self that you can expe­ri­ence your own per­sonal miracle.

Do it today!


wayne c allen

To read all of the reviews we’ve received, click here!

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