The. Best. Relationship. Ever.


Elegant, Intimate Relating is an art. It requires attention, focus and persistence. My new book, The. Best. Relationship. Ever., is packed with guidance, exercises, and directions for drastically improving your relationship.

As you read, you will discover:

      • 8 rea­sons you’ve failed at relat­ing — we exam­ine what goes wrong
      • 3 prob­lems peo­ple have with com­mu­ni­ca­tion — once you know what doesn’t work, you’re ready for what does!
      • Sam and Sally, and learn how to really mess up a rela­tion­ship! — you see their mis-steps, and learn from them.
      • how “labelling” your part­ner gets in the way of Ele­gant, Inti­mate Relat­ing. You’ll see that Ele­gant, Inti­mate Relat­ing means no judg­ing and blaming.
      • a brand new model for being in rela­tion­ship, called Ele­gant, Inti­mate Relating.
      • the rules and prac­tice of dia­logue. Each con­ver­sa­tion is wor­thy of doing well!
      • what to do, and when. You’ll have the tools you need, right in front of you.



    Wayne Allen cares about people. Reading this book is like having a private session with Wayne himself. The reader encounters his humour, nonjudgmentalness and useful directions for establishing and maintaining fulfilling relationships. The book is practical, straightforward and clear, not weighed down with jargon or academia. An excellent introduction to a life of personal development and meaning. We recommend Wayne, and this, his latest book.
    --- Bennet Wong, MD, FRCP(c), DLitt
    --- Jock McKeen, MD, LicAc(UK), DLitt

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    * Paperback: 220 pages -- Kindle E-book

    * Publisher: The Phoenix Centre Press (February 14, 2013)
    * Language: English
    ISBN: Book - 978-09877192-3-2

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