Author: (Wayne C. Allen)

Back in 1999, I wrote a booklet called "The List of 50," a guide on how to find your life partner. Part of a series of free booklets on aspects of relationships, "The List" was a guide to deciding whom you want to be in relationship with, and then putting what you decide into action.

My clients, since then, have asked me to expand upon this concept of conscious dating. So, I completely re-wrote the booklet into a 140 page book. In addition to revising the structure and contents of the booklet, I have included comments from readers, as well as sample Lists of 50.


You may not recall, but I met you once a couple of years ago while attending a session with [a client of yours who is a friend of mine] as a quiet witness of your Bodywork. It was quite an intense session, and I was very honoured that she asked me to attend and that you didn't mind my presence. One activity she has shared with me is the infamous List of 50 . This act of positively exploring my needs and desires was very rewarding. I have shared this idea with many of my friends and family, with many positive results and constructive conversations.

Not surprisingly, this List was a key component in discovering that the person I wished to share my life with was in fact a very close friend of mine. He too completed the assignments, and through some soul searching we realized that we were looking for each other. Though neither of us had considered the act of marriage before, the idea of creating a symbolic union naturally appealed to us.

D. Christieson

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