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Learn Bodywork & Breathwork

At last, an authentic, easy to follow, and totally honest CD-R resource to help you learn Bodywork and Breathwork. You'll find out why you hold tension, anger, grief and a host of other emotions in your body, AND how to let go of your pain, forever!


Dear Friend,

I'm Wayne C. Allen. Many years ago I began a quest to learn Bodywork and Breathwork techniques that I could use with my counselling clients, to supplement the talking.

I soon discovered that "the body speaks what the voice cannot."

I discovered that talking is never enough – that true personal growth and development is a full mind / body / spirit endeavour. The tensions we hold in our bodies often tell us exactly what we need to look at next (or what we've been ignoring for ages.) Once you know what your body is trying to tell you, you can learn to let go and move on!

I invite you to read the rest of this letter. You'll get a sense of the resources available on the CD-R, and of course, how to order it! This amazing resource is equally good for professionals wanting to expand their repertoire and couples and individuals who want to assist their friends in a process of bodily release.

Product Details

* CD-R, Windows operating system only

* Publisher: The Phoenix Centre Press (2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0968444636

Detailed Information --- Sample Chapter & Sample Video

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The idea behind the disk is to provide text and photographic explanations, and to follow up each learning with teaching videos.


You will discover the body's holding patterns. As we work through the body, you'll find the meaning of bodily tightness.

You'll learn to read the body quickly and accurately.

I'm sure you're curious, so I'll tell you more.

Our bodies communicate with us all the time, telling us how we are reacting to the situations we confront. As we "misunderstand" life, our body provides suggestions in the form of tightness and pain.

Emotions are a part of Bodywork


The blocked pain and the tightness that the body holds is directly related to emotional blockage. The jury is out as to which comes first, but we do know that tightened muscles hold in the expression of emotions. Our culture frowns upon the expression of what are considered "negative" emotions. Bodywork treats all emotions as simply "things to be expressed."

The CD-R will provide you with illustrations and examples of full and elegant emotional release.

Applying pressure to blocked points creates the space for release


You'll learn how to apply deep and elegant pressure to the blocked muscles, resulting in the release of the underlying emotion. Using images and videos, you'll see how the techniques work, and will understand why.

The Importance of Breathwork

breath tilt

You will learn Bodywork postures and techniques. These techniques will allow you to use your breath as a tool for energetic and emotional release. You will discover the power of breath, and learn how to monitor the breath patterns of others.

Discover the Roots of Body Embarrassment

blue nude

Body Embarrassment can make relating to others difficult. The feelings of discomfort cause physical as well as emotional blockage.

You will learn how to discover your own level of bodily comfort, and, using exercises (including two 'releases' demonstrated on video,) you'll find more comfort with being present and alive in your body.

Here's a sample video for you:

Can't play the video? Click here!


I have worked with Wayne, to recover from grieving the death of my husband.
Wayne gave me a Bodywork treatment that I was admittedly reluctant to have. I think I had some idea that it might actually work. Yes, I cried like a baby and was quite embarrassed by the whole process.
Wayne was very reassuring and kind and encouraged me to make as much noise as I wanted! With that permission, I became a regular client of Wayne's for almost a year, working through many issues using Bodywork, Breathwork, and counselling.
He made me realize how much 'sludge' was still left surrounding my heart. I couldn't breathe in life energy because I had put a shield around my chest to keep out anything that might cause me pain again.
Wayne helped me learn how to breathe in life again, to release stuff in my own way (which means loads of sobbing, moaning and writhing about) and to not only accept, but appreciate, all the qualities that I'm made up of. Lot's of sadness, pain, fear, passion, and joy. The sludge began to clear, my heart slowly opened up again, I could feel the warmth of loving and being loved, and I was able to start living again.

~ Katharine Phillips

I appreciate your body connection approach to spiritual / emotional / perceptual growth. The approach may have been merely a notion to me, but after receiving Bodywork, and since, it's as factual to me as gravity.

~ Susan Gallagher

These things stand out for me learning about Bodywork and Breathwork from you....
• More direct and available humour (people are actually laughing at my jokes these days!)

• New laugh (yes, the laugh you like so much is actually quite new and yet "feels" like my very own)
• Better singing voice
• More vivid dreams
• Pelvis "heat" and increased sexual desire
• More awareness of when "in head" vs. "in body"
• It seems I need less sleep
• Tapped into creativity
• All feelings more at surface/pronounced
• More intimacy in conversations
• Feeling the chi move when exercising or breathing

~ K. Patterson

So, I hear you asking, what's on the CD-R , and why is it so special?

You will discover:

    • a step-by-step process for discovering, evaluating and understanding bodily tension and holding
    • how emotions and bodily tightness are intertwined, and how to make time and space for full emotional release
    • how to breathe fully and deeply, and to use Breathwork for physical and emotional release
    • how to locate and understand the Chakras, as well as how to release 'stuck' Chakra energy
    • how to work on another's body, to provide a gentle physical release
    • how to overcome bodily and sexual embarrassment
    • how to be comfortable in your own skin

Product Details

* CD-R, Windows operating system only

* Publisher: The Phoenix Centre Press (2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0968444636

Detailed Information --- Sample Chapter & Sample Video

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CD-R data disk, Windows only, $29.95

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This is a long overdue practical tool that will help to make bodywork and breathwork understandable for both clients and practitioners.
It is easy to navigate the CD, and there is a wealth of information on it, showing Wayne's broad experience. We recommend it highly.

~ Bennet Wong & Jock McKeen
Co-founders,  The Haven Institute

My goal is to help you to discover the freedom that comes from body release. I want you to let go of long held stressors and body armour, and to learn to move with grace. As with all of our products, we have complete confidence that you will learn all you need to know about Bodywork & Breathwork.

In fact, we guarantee it!


The next move is up to you.

I've shown you that purchasing Introduction to Bodywork & Breathwork is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you've read this far in this letter, you're seriously interested in learning about Bodywork & Breathwork. All that's left to do now is take action.

Introduction to Bodywork & Breathwork is available from our Company Store, which is hosted at Kunaki. You can price and pay for the book in your local currency.

I could go on and on with reasons to purchase Introduction to Bodywork & Breathwork, but here's the point: you will find yourself firmly planted in your body, and delighted to be there!

Do it today!


wayne c allen