Learn Bodywork and Breathwork CD-R


This is our premiere Bodywork and Breathwork Teaching tool. Replete with photographs, videos and descriptive text, you'll learn how and why Bodywork "works," how to breathe for emotional and physical release, and how to explore your emotional and erotic self.

This CD-R only works on PC computers.

If you've wanted to explore how to let go of emotional blocks and live a more free and whole life, this resource is for you.

Learn Bodywork and Breathwork :

    • Introduction to Bodywork & Breathwork is an innovative, interactive CD-R.
    • Available only for the Windows operating system, this disk contains text, pictures and video.
    • Viewers will learn the fundamentals of body reading, Breathwork techniques and Bodywork sequences.
    • Richly illustrated with both pictures and demonstration videos, this CD-R is an invaluable tool for those who
      wish to have an easily accessible guide to this cutting edge therapy style.


This is a long overdue practical tool that will help to make bodywork and breathwork understandable for both clients and practitioners. It is easy to navigate the CD, and there is a wealth of information on it, showing Wayne's broad experience. We recommend it highly.

Bennet Wong, M.D., F.R.C.P.(c)
Jock McKeen, M.D., Lic.Ac.(UK)

Co-Founders, The Haven Institute

Product Details

* CD-R, Windows operating system only

* Publisher: The Phoenix Centre Press (2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0968444636

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